Plant a seed for future generations


Storytelling has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember. As soon as I mastered a new medium (whether it be writing, photography, video…), I always felt compelled to create something meaningful with it. After graduating from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2001, I felt my passion for inspired storytelling pulling me toward documentary filmmaking.

While serving in the military from 2001 to 2007, I took every opportunity I had to tell stories about the experience of serving in the U.S. Navy. After being honorably discharged, my goal was to pursue a career telling stories on video full-time with my company, Mission Media.

Throughout my career, the type of videos I’ve been drawn to have always been non-fiction. To me, documentaries captured the truth, educated and inspired. And it was in 2009 when my body of documentary work found an even higher calling. That was the year I had the opportunity to honor the stories of three residents of a local retirement community in San Diego. It was the most rewarding work I’d produced up until that point, and I couldn’t wait to do more of it.

Legacy videos are, I believe, the most valuable truths that can be captured on video: life lessons from one generation passed down to another.

Together, I believe these legacy videos will leave behind a glimpse of the wisdom that will make the world just a little bit better for future generations. My wish for you is that the legacy video we create together becomes the most valuable gift you’ve ever given.