Making Your Home Videos Rewatchable

In the 2016 article “On What Makes a Movie Rewatchable,” the author has 3 rules of thumb to live by. His tips are great, no doubt. But why should Hollywood be the only ones to create videos that are engaging and timeless? Here’s each of the article’s... read more

The Benefits of Volunteering at a Hospice

Oftentimes, people want to give back but they don’t know how. This is one type of volunteering you may have never considered: hospice. While I in the early stages of my San Diego video production company, one of my favorite clients was San Diego Hospice. Even... read more

How To Talk to Someone Who Is Dying

Imagine having to tell someone that they’re dying. No easy task, right? Now imagine having to have that tough conversation regularly with a new person each time. That is the world of a palliative nurse. In this report by Frontline, called “Being... read more

True Stories from the Afterlife?

Most of my life, I’ve been on the fence about what happens when we die. But then I stumbled across a documentary on Netflix, simply called “Afterlife.” After watching the full documentary, the overlapping interviews gave me a sense of hope. After... read more

Experiencing my first Death Cafe

In cities around the world, people gathering over tea and cake to talk. But this isn’t your usual “coffee talk” discussion. These are gatherings where the attendees can discuss in depth what’s usually the unspeakable: death. They’re... read more

Shadow and Light

It seems like everyone deals with death in their own way. And when my immediate supervisor committed suicide, it made me think a lot about things that hadn’t really crossed my mind. I thought about mortality. I thought about legacy. And I thought about how to... read more