me and DannyIt seems like everyone deals with death in their own way. And when my immediate supervisor committed suicide, it made me think a lot about things that hadn’t really crossed my mind.

I thought about mortality.

I thought about legacy.

And I thought about how to avoid regret when we reach our final days.

As a Toastmasters speech competition approached, I decided to crystallize my thoughts into a speech I called “Shadow and Light.” One of the ideas I mention in the speech is to get into a habit of “flipping the script” when something bad happens to us from day to day. Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.

Some of my favorite ways of flipping the script:

  • Singing in the car
  • Meditating for about 10 minutes and focusing on only my breath
  • Dousing myself in essential oils
  • Zoning out with music and headphones
  • Dark chocolate

What about you? How do you flip the script?