Most people struggle with what to give their parents during holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. A “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) legacy video might be just the thing to surprise Mom or Dad. A legacy video goes beyond a typical video biography and creates a glimpse of someone’s life story in about 3 minutes. These bite-sized videos are much easier to share on social media and help younger generations connect more deeply with Grandma and Grandpa.

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Anyone can make a legacy video with the technology they probably already have. All that’s needed is a smartphone. This is a new concept that most people don’t even consider, so not only will you save money on gift giving—you’ll get bonus points for originality, too!

For some quick tips for creating a DIY legacy video, here’s some things to think about:

  • What questions will you ask your loved one?
    Decide on these ahead of time, but keep them hidden until the interview! Allow the emotions that each question stirs up be captured on camera. To get you started, pick your favorite 10-15 questions you would like to ask your loved one. We have dozens of questions in our How-To book, all of which are grouped into the different phase’s of a senior’s life.
  • Where will you shoot the interview?
    Pick a location that will be quiet, free of distractions, and have adequate natural light. Find a way to prop up your camera so you don’t have to hold it during the interview. Place your smartphone onto a barstool or in a selfie stick with a tripod base to free you up from your camera, so you can focus your attention on your subject.
  • How will you edit together the best bits?
    Most computers already come with video editing software. If not, there’s plenty of FREE VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE you can download. There’s even video editing apps that can be downloaded directly to your smartphone or tablet. Cut your clips down to about 3 minutes or less, and add music and photos to help the stories appeal to a younger audience.
  • How will you share your videos?
    We suggest uploading to YouTube and sharing on social media sites like Facebook so family members around the world can enjoy them. To make this gift even more special, invite friends and family over for a Hollywood-themed screening party and hold a Q&A session afterward with the star of the show! To give your legacy videos and Q&A interview even more exposure, please TAG US IN YOUR FACEBOOK POST. We’d love to see what you came up with!

If you’d like professional assistance creating your legacy video, we can help with the shooting, the editing, or even producing the entire thing for you. CONTACT US for a free estimate. Our PACKAGES page will give you an overview of what’s possible.