Joe Sorrentino

Founder, Lean Quality Systems
Raised in Hoboken, NJ

Laurie Zagon

Founder, Art & Creativity For Healing
Raised in Queens, NY

(Recorded on January 23, 2016 at their home in Dana Point, CA)

The beginning of a romance
over 24 years in the making

“I never had a relationship that was really meant to be my life partner… until Joe,” Laurie reflected.

“My second wife — which is Laurie,” Joe added, “That was a different type of love, because that was recognizing a person that God had put in my path.”

Laurie still remembers the conversation she had with Joe’s brother. “What’s your older brother like?” and he said, “Oh, you wouldn’t be interested! He’s divorced, ex-military, kind of a redneck. You’re an artist. You wouldn’t like him.”

Luckily, Joe’s brother was wrong. As Laurie happily reports, “We just had our 24th wedding anniversary and we have had an amazing 24 years. I mean, hopefully there’s a lot more to go…”

(Click the video above to hear more of their love story)