(1) Select a Package

Choose one of our PACKAGES and shoot us an email with your selection and any questions you may have. At that point, we’ll get to work drafting up the contract. If you’ll be giving Forever Legacy Video as a gift, we invite you to print the graphic below and include it in a greeting card:


(2) Contract and Retainer

Sign the contract we send you and submit payment of 50% of the total estimate as a retainer.


(3) Schedule the Shoot

After payment of the retainer has been received, we will coordinate with you to schedule a day, time, and location for the video shoot. NOTE: travel outside of Southern California may add an additional cost to the package price.


(4) Select Questions and Photos

We’ll email you a list of about 40 possible questions to consider for the interview. We recommend that the person being interviewed does not see this list of questions, so they can appear “present” and unscripted when on camera. Ideally, a friend or family member will assist us with selecting which 10-15 questions will be best for the interview.

If possible, we recommend having photos pre-selected for each question which can be referred to during the interview. If you have photos, video, or films that you’d like to have digitized, you have a couple options: visit a local media conversion company, such as VideoToDVD, or opt for the convenience of a mail-based service like Legacy Box. With your favorite memories digitized, they’ll be all ready to incorporate into the next couple steps of the process.


(5) Shoot the Interview

On the pre-arranged date of the shoot, one of our videographers will arrive at the subject’s home with cameras, lights, and audio equipment. Please allow approximately one hour for all of this equipment to be set up. With your permission, we may ask to move a bit of furniture so your home looks it’s best on camera. If there’s something you’d like to have in the background during the interview, we’ll do our best to arrange that in the shot as well.


(6) Pre-editing

Within 3 days of the video shoot, submit digital versions of photos you’d like used in the rough cut. After photos have been received, please allow up to two weeks for a rough cut to be prepared for your review.


(7) Mastering

After reviewing the rough cut, you will provide notes of any changes you’d like made before reaching a final cut of the legacy videos that are created from the interview footage.


(8) Preserving Your Legacy

After you’ve approved the final cut, submit the final payment for the package and we will deliver a hard copy on Blu-Ray and/or DVD and an electronic copy of your interview footage and, if applicable, edited legacy videos. With your permission, we can also post your legacy videos to our blog and provide you with a link where your videos will be preserved on our website for ease of sharing with friends and family around the world.